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Add:Chaoyang Bridge, Houyu Town West Rural Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  Wujin City of Jiangsu Province Fuk Wa chemical heat transfer equipment located in economically developed western suburbs of Changzhou City thick I towns Changzhou City is a private joint-stock enterprise technology. Company business : production and sales operation of graphite-based technology equipment, including equipment, parts, maintenance and repair.
  Mexican products to a diverse range of licensing Yang graphite equipment, products strictly enforce the Ministry of Chemical Industry industry standards, the company has a sound quality assurance system, and in January 2001 through the National Quality Certification Center of the ISO9002 standard certification.
  Through 10 years of struggle, has become the main graphite equipment manufacturers, and has accumulated rich experience, Some products in the key state project to replace the imported equipment.
  The company developed new tube heat exchanger, such as hydrochloric acid synthesis graphite furnace equipment quality products has won the city title.
  Technology companies are stronger, and with a number of research institutions have long-term relationships, focus on product research and development, In recent years, successfully developed and applied a new major products are :
  1, acidic gases Integrated Processing System
  2, cold rolling mill acid lotion integrated processing system.
  3, efficient foreign natural cycle of evaporation system
  4, the aluminum-containing acidic wastewater treatment systems integrated
  The new product solutions for many years to resolve the preservation of equipment, environmental protection and use of resources, Users have had a tremendous economic and social benefits
  Corporation has a comprehensive after-sales service system, in accordance with the needs of users design and manufacture, installation, commissioning equipment, use of the equipment necessary to maintain staff training on the products sold by life warranty.
  I hope our sincere cooperation for the development of your company's help.